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About Us

Specialized Cellular Healing

Paul Cosman, n.d. Naturopathic Consultant has been guiding and helping clients discover regeneration at the cellular level since 1993.  Having moved back to Canada in 2010 he decided along with his wife Kathy Colpitts Cosman to set up a functional clinic, located in Quispamsis, N.B. The name they chose was Firefly Wellness Concepts. Today, Paul D. Cosman, n.d., continues his role as Chief Researcher, and strives to continue to provide the highest quality care that helps cellular recovery to ensure clients live their life to its fullest potential.  Paul Cosman, n.d. educates the clinic for sessional work on chronic pain, cellular detoxification, viral and parasitic purging, and organ regeneration programs. His approach is and will always be providing protocols utilizing non-invasive medical technology.

The therapies offered at our clinic are designed to encourage the body’s self-healing mechanisms, for instance, blood circulation, stem cell release and body memory reset. We perform a range of tests that identify toxins in the body, which are otherwise not searched for in general medical examinations.

Technology and Therapies at Our Main Clinic

Our clinical practice techniques/teaching, including the following:

  • Viral e-book training (organ sets)

  • Hydrogen water therapy

  • Cold laser therapy

  • PSiO psychosomatic medicine (light and music therapy)

  • Sleep disorder balancing

  • Homeopathic frequency balancing

  • Microbiome rebuild – leaky gut syndrome

  • Microcirculation therapy

  • Liver, kidney and adrenal rebuild

  • Plaque stripping (dementia typing)

  • Viral stripping (biofilm)

  • Parasitic and viral (infection) balancing

  • Ionic cell cleansing – foot detox

  • Heavy metal, chemical release

  • EMF (electromagnetic smog build-up cell tissues)

  • Essential oils – emotional balancing – daily affirmation – 21-day release

  • Microcirculation therapy – chronic release including those affected with Lyme disease, Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid arthritis

  • Deep tissue inflammation release (used in conjunction with hydrogen water therapy)

  • Hair analysis – heavy metal/mineral balancing

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