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Healing From the Inside-Out

With a qualified and experienced cellular practitioner on-board, Firefly Wellness Concepts is your cellular detoxification/regeneration clinic.

Ensure Well-Being With Integrated Wellness Care!

Welcome to Firefly Wellness Concepts! We offer a thorough regimen of cellular regeneration and cellular detoxification therapies in Quispamsis, using non-invasive FDA and Health Canada approved technology. Since his return to Canada in 2010, Paul Cosman, n.d. has helped clients, not only from across the Greater Saint John area, but all New Brunswick and Canada achieve safe healing and stronger immunity. The only cellular specialist in the region, Paul Cosman, n.d. is a naturopathic consultant specializing in chronic pain, cellular detoxification, organ regeneration, viral and parasitic purging from zoonotic diseases, hydration and microcirculation therapy. His experience and expertise in cellular and detoxification processes started in 1993.

A range of toxic pollutants, including heavy metals, radiation, plastics, and other chemical substances are present in the environment. They slowly ravage the normal functioning of our bodies and confuse our immune systems. Firefly Wellness Concepts provides specialized environmental assessments in Quispamsis, which then identifies organs at risk. This allows the clinic to manage session work with proven programs/protocols to begin cellular repair and cleanses your body’s systems at the cellular level.

Schedule your consultation today and see how our team of qualified professionals can help you begin your regeneration journey.


A Spectrum of Cellular Healing Solutions

The human body has numerous components designed to work harmoniously together. Since each part plays a unique role, it also has distinct needs. Our assessment and cleansing methods work according to these specific functions. Here is a glimpse of our services.

Hair analysis

Hair analysis

(Effective in preventing neurological disorders)

Hydrogen water

Hydrogen water

(An immensely healthier version of drinking water)

Microcirculation therapy

Microcirculation therapy

(Because blood circulation ensures the oxygen we need)

Cold laser therapy

Cold laser therapy

(A body memory reset for corrected system functions)

Environmental, viral, nutritional assessment

Environmental, viral, nutritional assessment

(Comprehensive examination with suggested solutions presented)

Ionic foot cleanse

Ionic cell cleanse (foot detox)

(Applying ionic frequencies to reflexology points to clear the liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system of toxins)

Air sterilization technology

Air sterilization technology

(For enhanced purification of the air we breathe)

Professional Affiliations

Natural Therapist

Alliance of Professional Naturopaths and Naturotherapists (APNN)

Alliance of professional
Alliance of professional
hair analysis

Feeling Low on Energy?

Eliminate toxins from your body with our unique hair analysis.

water droplets

Hydrogen Makes a Difference

Hydrogen continues to intrigue researchers with its medical benefits.

microcirculation therapy

Life Does Not Exist Without Oxygen

Our microcirculation therapy relieves the body of pain and prevents most diseases.

a laser with red beam

Body Memory Reset

Restore your body functions after episodes of trauma or toxic buildup.

Fight Neurotoxins

Fight Neurotoxins

Eliminate harmful substances absorbed by the body’s cells.

woman attaching devices to patient body

Ionic Cellular Cleansing (Foot-Spa Detoxification)

We can detoxify the liver, kidneys and lymphatic systems via reflexology points on the bottom of your feet.

individual closing the lid of an equipment

Take a Deep Breath

Our air sterilization technology cleans and provides ozone contributing to clean, breathable air.

wellness products in bottle

Everyday Wellness

Browse our online store for exclusive naturopathy products.

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