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Hydrogen Water

Discover the Benefits of Hydrogen Water

Are you purchasing bottled water or reverse osmosis water? Are you drinking softened water or even tap water? These are capable of making you sick. At Firefly Wellness Concepts, we offer a special hydrogen-rich medical-grade water, and you can come to fill up at our water depo – available free for 30 days. Try our hydrogen water, and you will see the difference water can make in your everyday health and happiness. Like we always say, "change your water, change your life.”

“In a clinical setting, the first thing we do in the facilitation of new clients’ health is to move the body from a state of acidosis to alkaline using hydrogen-enriched water from clinical water ionizers. We call this hydrogen water therapy!”

- Paul D. Cosman, n.d. Naturopathic Consultant
  (Chief Clinical Researcher, Firefly Wellness Concepts)

Hydrogen: An Added Advantage

Hydrogen contributes to anti-ageing remedies as it is a powerful antioxidant that helps defend cells and genes from damage and death caused by harmful free radicals. These properties, in combination with hydrogen’s anti-inflammatory properties, help enhance longevity because ageing is caused by tissue degeneration, oxidative stress and inflammation.


Hydrogen also keeps us safe from diseases. Currently, molecular hydrogen appears to exert a beneficial effect over about 150 different conditions. Some of the most common include cardiovascular disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia, diabetes, allergies, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, heart disease, and cancer.

Heal at the Cellular Level with Hydrogen Enriched Water!

The acidity of water is measured by its pH level. Water is fit for drinking only if it is above pH7. Though this is a factor in deciding what kind of drinking water is safe, Dr. Cosman adds, “it is very revealing that it is not the high pH alkaline water that provides health benefits, but the molecular hydrogen.” Hydrogen is an important factor in the regulation of physiology, being part of almost every aspect of the human body. Therefore, it heals at the basic level of the cell. For more information, check out our water usage chart.

Try Hydrogen Water

The hydrogen molecules attach to the free oxygen radicals in your body, promoting health and healing.

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